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Sweetwater Paranormal Research is a group of volunteers. Throughout our website, we have tried to incorporate as much useful information as possible about our team, helpful links, and research. We approach each case with open minded and care to what our client has told us. We do not charge our clients. We do a full investigation of the site and bring it back for review. After review, we let our clients see and listen to the evidence of the case. We keep all cases confidential and won’t release any information on any of our cases. Unless, clients sign our waiver to release evidence and location. All of our team members are field tested, back ground checked and have an experience in the paranormal. We want to show that there is life after death to those that are skeptical. Most importantly, our sole purpose is to help those in need, those who want answers, and those who are experiencing paranormal activity.

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Please help out Sweetwater Paranormal Research by making a donations today. By donating, you are helping S.P.R. to continue our research so we can better help those in need and expand our research with more equipment that will help us in our investigations to best serve our clients. It will also help with our travel expenses so that Sweetwater Paranormal will be able to attend out of town clients. Donations will also help us attend conferences, retreats, and camps. These donations will be greatly appreciated. So again, please donate to Sweetwater Paranormal Research today!